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Vortex Radio Ep128 – Puppetry Arts

Jon Ludwig is the artistic director at Atlanta’s own Center for Puppetry Arts. Located in Midtown, not far from The Vortex, The Center has been a unique cultural treasure since it opened in 1978; a magical place where children and adults are educated, enlightened and entertained. Joining Jon and hosting this episode is fellow puppeteer, Lucky […]

Vortex Radio Ep127 – Controversially Peachy

This is one peachy episode! We’re joined by Yuri Kato, the founder of Fruitland Augusta Vodka. Made from Georgia peaches, her Peach Vodka and Peach Tea Vodka are some of the tastiest spirits we’ve brought to our lips. Hank, VBC, Matty and Kelsey are also on this one so listen in! 

Vortex Radio Ep126 – The Love Truncheon

On this special episode of Vortex Radio, Hank Benoit is the host! Joining him is the ever-faithful Vortex Baby Colin and three of Hank’s buds from The Love Truncheon. What’s a love truncheon? You’ll have to listen to find out. I’ll give you a hint though, it involves golf and a lot of booze.

Vortex Radio Ep 125 – Humongous Chow

This week we have the host of the Food Network’s Ginormous Food and Stand-Up Comedian, Josh Denny. He’s in town filming for the show and was gracious enough to come by and record with us. He has his own podcast as well! Check it out at March of the Pigs.

Vortex Radio Ep124 – Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is one of the Co-Founders and the Brewmaster for Wild Heaven Beer, a seven-year-old brewery located in Avondale Estates, Georgia. He’s joined by their Director of Sales/ 5 time Vortex Radio guest Sarah Young. Listen in to learn about their latest offerings and Eric’s diverse career. Oh Hank is also on this one […]

Vortex Radio Ep123 – The Mayor of Cumming

Lucky, Michael, Rebecca and VBC dive into some deep conversations on this one folks! You’ll hear about Rebecca’s exciting past, Lucky Yates’ hidden talent for Native American art and his secret desire to be mayor of the town of Cumming, GA. Listen in!

Vortex Radio Ep122 – As Seen on Adult Swim

Have you seen Adult Swim’s live streams? Every weekday, they are making hilarious content LIVE in their Williams Street studio. Nick Gibbons, the host of the show “As Seen on Adult Swim,” and Sally Skinner, the show’s producer and the host of “Stupid Morning Bullshit,” join Michael, VBC and THE Lucky Yates. If you like […]