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Vortex Radio Ep114 – Ale Sharpton

We’re joined by local beer blogger, Ale Sharpton. To help with the hosting, we’re joined by our friends Hannah and Sarah! Lots of beers are enjoyed, which means the podcast eventually gets ridiculous and loops back to another conversation revolving around Vortex Baby Colin’s love life… enjoy!

Vortex Radio Ep113 – Orpheus Brewing Year Three

Jason Pellett, a trumpet playing extraordinaire turned brewer, is the Co-Founder, President and Brewmaster of the ever-popular Atlanta brewery, Orpheus. With a focus on out of the box sour beers, experimental IPAs and huge barrel aged beers; Orpheus Brewing is committed to creating beers that live up to their motto, “Don’t Look Back.” They celebrate […]

Vortex Radio Ep112 – Johnny’s Hideaway

Chris Dauria, current owner of Johnny’s Hideaway, is our guest this week. As one of the oldest nightspots in Atlanta, the Hideaway has a little something for everyone. Often described as the “Cheers” of Atlanta, it’s a go-to spot for the over-40 crowd and a late-night destination for twenty-and thirty-somethings. If you’ve been there or […]

Vortex Radio Ep111 – Puddles Pity Party

Mike Geier is an Atlanta, Georgia based singer and entertainer. He goes way back with The Vortex and works alongside Puddles the Clown from Puddles Pity Party. Don’t know what that is? Listen in to find out!

Vortex Radio Ep110 – The Clermont Lounge

We’re joined by two employees of the infamous Clermont Lounge, Cassie and the legendary Blondie. The go-to club for celebrities, out of towners and locals a-like, the Clermont Lounge is one of the most well known strip clubs in the city and has been around since 1965. Listen in for the inside scoop on this […]

Vortex Radio Ep109 – Big Ideas With Lucky and Amber

Lucky Yates and Amber Nash from Dad’s Garage Theater and the voices of Dr. Krieger and Pam Poovey on FXX’s archer jump on the podcast this week to talk about archer, Vortex Baby Colin’s love life and… pimento cheese?

Vortex Radio Ep108 – 25 Years of The Vortex

On April 20, 1992, Michael, Hank and Suzanne Benoit opened the doors to the original Vortex location for the first time. Now, 25 years later, they reflect on the crazy journey The Vortex has taken them on. This very special episode is hosted by Lucky Yates, a long time Vortex patron and the voice of […]