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Vortex Radio Ep109 – Big Ideas With Lucky and Amber

Lucky Yates and Amber Nash from Dad’s Garage Theater and the voices of Dr. Krieger and Pam Poovey on FXX’s archer jump on the podcast this week to talk about archer, Vortex Baby Colin’s love life and… pimento cheese?

Vortex Radio Ep108 – 25 Years of The Vortex

On April 20, 1992, Michael, Hank and Suzanne Benoit opened the doors to the original Vortex location for the first time. Now, 25 years later, they reflect on the crazy journey The Vortex has taken them on. This very special episode is hosted by Lucky Yates, a long time Vortex patron and the voice of […]

Vortex Radio Ep107 – Arches Brewing

On this episode, we’re joined by a couple of the guys from Arches Brewing. Focusing on the seasonality of beers, their ever-changing offerings never disappoint. Listen in as the gang takes a journey through some of their beers and, consequently, through beer history!

Vortex Radio Ep106 – Gimme the Goot

Michael Goot of the popular West Midtown bar, Ormsby’s, joins us this week! Listen in!

Vortex Radio Ep105 – Hollis Gillespie

Hollis Gillespie is an award-winning humor writer, novelist, travel columnist, NPR commentator, travel expert for NBC’s Today Show, and previous guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She was also at The Vortex in the beginning sipping on cocktails and jotting down stories at the bar. Listen in to some Vortex history from her, […]

Vortex Radio Ep104 – The One With Mechanical Buttholes

Matt Dickason is a man of many hats. One of those hats involves Mechanical Buttholes. What does that mean you ask? Listen to find out!

Vortex Radio Ep103 – Dangerous Color

JP McChesney of Dangerous Color and the Mutiny Artwrx collective joins the Vortex Radio gang this week. Based in the fine city of Atlanta, his badass artwork is right up our alley. His crew joins him for this artistic and rock ‘n’ roll episode of Vortex Radio. Check it out! Check out JP’s art here. […]