Monthly Archives: September 2016

Shaun Doty has been busy in the city of Atlanta since around 1996. You’ve probably been to one of his delicious chicken restaurants, Bantam + Biddy, but you might not know all of the other things he’s done around the city. Listen in to get the inside scoop on his restaurant past and get a […]

Sam Kim, the Daytime Manager and Corporate Representative of The Cheetah, joins us on Vortex Radio this week! For those that don’t know, Thee Cheetah is the premier gentleman’s club in Atlanta and has been open for almost 40 years. When The Vortex opened up, The Cheetah served as a retreat for the owners after […]

Mike DiLonardo, Director of Operations of Atlanta Beer Festivals, joins Vortex Radio this week to share his tale of how he got into throwing the best beer parties in this fine city. On top of that, Mike is a big Vortex Radio fan and he turns the podcast table and interviews Michael and the gang! […]

Vortex Co-Owner Suzanne Benoit returns with some tasty treats. This time she brings in a bar snack that throws back to the early days of the Vortex and some tasty, and some not so tasty, beer cocktails. Listen in! Suzanne’s Recipes! Spicy Buffalo Pretzels High School Friends ¡A Huevo! Big Red Tweet us @thevortexatl Big thanks […]