Monthly Archives: May 2016

Reid Ramsay of the popular beer news website, Beer Street Journal, comes on the podcast to drink beer and talk about beer. He’s joined by Wild Heaven Craft Beers’ very own Apostle of Ales, Sarah Young, who has brought in some delicious beers for the crew to try. Listen in to expand your beer horizons […]

Nightclub entrepreneur, Michael Krohngold, has been in the Atlanta bar and club scene for a long time. On this very special episode of Vortex Radio, Michael takes us into the crazy past of Atlanta nightlife. Listen in to hear what Atlanta was like when closing time didn’t exist and you could party until the birds […]

Atlanta based artist, R. Land, recently came over to the Vortex Little 5 Points and painted a mural on the side of our bar. Now he’s back to hang out with Michael and the Vortex Radio crew. Want to know a little bit about the history of R. Land? Curious about what he thinks of […]

Remember Kelsey Daniels? She was on the podcast a few months ago and just couldn’t get enough! She’s a Sales Gal for local guys, Monday Night Brewery, and now she’s back to show the gang what new, delicious boozy substances Monday Night has been brewing up in the past months. They try the new and […]

This week on Vortex Radio, the owner of the famous Porter Beer Bar, Molly Gunn, joins us. A neighbor of the Little 5 Points Vortex, The Porter has been pouring beer and pumping out delicious food for eight years now. Listen in for some insight on what it’s like to curate a beer menu that […]