Monthly Archives: April 2016

On another craft beer focused episode of Vortex Radio Rebecca Royster, Brand and Sales Manager for Orpheus Brewing, joins us. With a lineup featuring saisons, sours, hops, and barrels, Orpheus Brewing is offering beers unique to the Southeast and gaining a lot of attention from craft beer lovers all across the country. Listen in as […]

Snuggled in the city of Avondale Estates, Wild Heaven Craft Brewery pumps out some of the best beer Georgia has to offer. Their Apostle of Ales, Sarah Young, joins Vortex Radio this week to educate and enlighten the crew with some tasty brews. Listen in as the gang tries some delicious and strong beverages while, […]

Have you ever noticed the giant motorcycles hanging in The Vortex? Of course you have! But do you know who gave them to us? John Landstrom, owner of Blue Moon Cycle, is an aficionado of all things motorcycles and the person who generously donated the sweet cycles in The Vortex. Listen in to this podcast […]