Monthly Archives: March 2016

We have Red Brick Brewing Company’s Brewmaster and President, Garett Lockhart, and Sales Manager, Jason Topping, on Vortex Radio this week. We’ve always been big fans of their beer. We serve their delicious Laughing Skull beer at both of our Vortex locations and have for some time. If you haven’t cracked open a Skull with […]

This week, we have Mike Jakob on Vortex Radio! Mike owns the Castleberry Hill bar, Elliot Street Pub, with his brother, Pete. Elliot Street Pub is a tiny bar with an interesting past and present; clashes with the city government, free-form jazz in the basement, and iron pours in the empty lot next door. They […]

This week on Vortex Radio we have Jeff Merback. He’s the owner of the sister bar of The Vortex, The Highlander. It opened up two weeks before The Vortex back in 1992 and was the go-to hang out for our servers after they got off of work. Listen in to hear what it’s like to […]

This week on Vortex Radio, we have former Vortex Server and Manager, Laura Merback! Want to hear some great stories from 20 years ago when The Vortex was just getting its start? Then tune in! From regulars fighting down the stairs, the interesting drink preference of the Nigerian track team, and even Hank hitting the […]