Monthly Archives: February 2016

Looking to increase your tequila smarts? We’ve got just what your brain is craving in this episode of Vortex Radio. We are joined by the Sales Director for Atlanta’s own Goza Tequila, Lauren Kaufman. She runs us through their delicious tequilas and tells us all about how they are made. If that’s not enough expertise […]

Some recent spooky events over at The Vortex Midtown gives Rebecca and Vortex bartender, Samantha, reason to believe that The Vortex is Haunted! Listen in to this episode of Vortex Radio to get the details about this supernatural occurrence. Ghost Hunters are always welcome to come and grab a beer with us, BYO proton pack. […]

This week on Vortex Radio, we are joined by Monday Night Brewing Sales Gal and BeyoncĂ© Impersonator, Kelsey Daniels. We’re sure you’ve tried their amazing beer already, but do you know how they came to be known as Monday Night Brewing? We talk about the back-story and also try a sample of their delicious brews. […]

Believe us when we tell you, this is one of the most hilarious podcasts we have ever recorded. Devil Bob joins us on Vortex Radio this week and it gets pretty crazy! A former DJ at the Pink Pony, motorcycle enthusiast, metal shop foreman for The Walking Dead AND former Vortex bartender/bouncer, Bob has seen […]