Monthly Archives: November 2015

We have Whynatte Latte founder, Jesse Altman, on the podcast this week. You hear us do a shot of Whynatte and booze every week on the podcast, now it’s time for you to hear all about how it got it’s start. Why not tune in to this incredible episode? Get your Whynatte fix at Tweet […]

We had so much fun with Lucky Yates last week, we had to have him back on the show. Either that, or he thought we didn’t talk about him enough. This week it’s ALL ABOUT LUCKY! We also talk about our brand new Diner Burgers and the outrageous Quadruple Coronary Bypass challenge that took place […]


We recorded our first official live episode of Vortex Radio the other week! We brought the whole set up to the Laughing Skull Lounge in Midtown and, thanks to some handy carpentry by Michael, made our first legit stage set up. Check out the photos in this post to see just how bad ass it […]

Do you love the show Archer? Good for you! We have Lucky Yates, the voice of Dr. Krieger, on this episode of Vortex Radio! We learn about his huge crush on Rebecca, too much information about his dating life, and that he wore a burger suit in an old Vortex commercial that has been lost […]

We recorded the latest episode of our podcast in front of a LIVE studio audience, and it was awesome! We had a great audience of Vortex Radio fans back in the Laughing Skull Lounge, and everyone enjoyed the show along with some free Laughing Skull beer. We’ll be doing this on the first Thursday of […]