Monthly Archives: October 2015

On this episode we have the legendary Grant Henry, owner and purveyor of one of our favorite spots in ATL, Sister Louisa’s Church. Grant is our first returning guest and he has a lot to talk about this time around. Did you hear about Church catching on fire? Hear all about it and more on […]

Atlanta Local tattoo artist, Loki Shane Defriece, comes on the show and schools the crew on what it’s like to be a tattoo artist. Ever wonder what it’s like getting through customs with a face tattoo? Hear all about it and more on this episode of Vortex Radio! Want to get in touch with Loki? […]


Are you curious about what Michael wore at pride? We’ve got all of the photos! Check out the photos in this post to also see photos of Rebecca AND Vortex Baby Colin. Unfortunately, the stories were slightly embellished about what Colin wore that day but you won’t be disappointed by Michael’s outfit.

It’s a hostful episode of Vortex Radio this week! We’ve been talking about Atlanta Gay Pride for a while now on the podcast and it finally happened. A lot of crazy shit went down so you’re not going to want to miss this one! Tweet us @thevortexatl Big thanks to our friend Candye Cane for […]

This week, the mother of the three Vortex owners and siblings is our guest on Vortex Radio! Suzanne, Michael, Rebecca and Baby Colin join Mrs. Benoit as she flips through old Vortex photos and reminisces about how it all got started. Because nothing makes for good radio quite like going through a photo album! You’ll […]

Holy shit-snacks, this is a good episode! This week Amber Nash, the voice of Pam Poovey on Archer, joins us on Vortex Radio. We talk about how she got into improv, giant naked Santas, live action Archer and the upcoming Vortex Musical. This episode is even crazier than Pam on cocaine! Tweet us @thevortexatl Big […]