Monthly Archives: September 2015


We had Paolo from Paulo’s Gelato on our podcast last week. He brought in alcoholic gelato and even some gelato for the dogs! Check out this post for some behind the scenes pictures and listen to the podcast HERE!

Our special guest this week is Paolo Dalla Zorza, owner of Paolo’s Gelato. He joins us on the podcast with his girlfriend/marketing manager and interpreter, Elizabeth Hall. Good thing she came along because Paolo’s accent is ridiculous. Michael spends the podcast eating at least a gallon of gelato, and co-host Andrew Markle tries gelato for […]


Last week we had Kenn Taylor from Bantam pub on the podcast. Whynatte shots were taken and then shit got crazy! Check out this post for some extra behind the scenes photos and then listen to the podcast HERE!

Bantam may mean small chicken, but there ain’t no tiny cocks on this podcast! Kenn Taylor, co-owner of Bantam Pub in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, comes on and talks about the changes he’s seen in the area, hipsters and how much he’d like to see VBC in a ball gag. Tweet us @askthevortex Big […]


Here it is. Our Official website. Your one and only stop for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Vortex Radio podcasts. We’ll be posting all of our updates right here including juicy info about our guests, previous and upcoming episodes and a bunch of cool behind the scenes photos and videos. Basically, everything you […]

This week we finally got Dublin, our Little 5 Points General Manager, to join the podcast. If you love our bar in L5P, you’ll want to listen to get the inside scoop on what goes on behind the big Laughing Skull. Don’t let Dublin fool you. She’s a rebel. Tweet us @askthevortex Big thanks to […]

This week is bittersweet! We are saying goodbye to Little 5 bartender Carla after 18 years of badass employment. Listen to us look back on the good, the bad, the crazy and the strip clubs! Speaking of crazy….Suzanne’s here, too. You’re welcome! Tweet us @askthevortex Big thanks to our friend Candye Cane for our intro […]