Monthly Archives: May 2015

Every bar has its regulars…but not many have regulars that are like family. Braxton has been coming in at least 3 times a week for almost 10 years. That’s a lot of beer, and a lot of good times. Check out Braxton’s hilarious interview on this week’s episode of Vortex Radio! Tweet usĀ @askthevortex Big thanks […]

Everyone loves Home Grown, Atlanta’s favorite local-fresh-homemade haven of breakfast and lunch. We invited our friends, owners Lisa and Kevin to compare notes on these two very different businesses. Where the Vortex walks the gritty line between debauchery and charm, Home Grown glistens like a beacon of light in the darkness. You’ll want to sop […]

The siblings reminisce about the early days of the Vortex, including the one where Suzanne got taken downtown for being sassy. Learn more about the old neighborhood, and why folks said they were crazy to open a bar here (and why we didn’t listen.) Tweet us @askthevortex Big thanks to our friend Candye Cane for […]

Dreamy Matt, Atlanta’s most lusted-after bartender is heating things up this week! Get the scoop on what it’s like to be that damned good looking AND be in a band, too. Guys want to be him and ladies want to…YA know….tune in for the dirty details! Tweet us @askthevortex Big thanks to our friend Candye […]