Monthly Archives: March 2015

In this episode, it’s Michael’s birthday! Even more exciting than that, we have our first guest, Zach, a regular who NEVER comes in during work hours….(don’t worry, Zach’s boss). Michael explains his take on Yelpers, and he, Rebecca, and Heather go through some highlights of our favorite and most entertaining Vortex Yelp reviews. Hey, maybe […]

On this episode, Michael and Rebecca introduce our Tech Monkey, Frank, and give Heather some well-deserved grief about possibly leaving the show soon. (She’s going to make cupcakes and join the PTA!) We discuss the rules of The Vortex and how they came to be. Rebecca tells the hilariously unbelievable tale of The Woman Who […]

The Vortex Bar & Grill, Atlanta’s legendary burger and booze joint, has always rejected idiocy in an industry that frequently encourages it. So when problem customers slip through the cracks (and don’t follow the rules) — hilarity often ensues. On this first episode, hosts Michael and Rebecca introduce themselves and tell the story of how The Vortex came to be and what’s made it an Atlanta favorite for over 20 years. […]